You want to know just how much ESPN and the ACC are "in bed" with each other?  This map ought to shed some light:

So... Bristol, Connecticut is not the only campus of ESPN!

I have to be honest with you... apparently ESPNU has operated a headquarters in Charlotte, NC for 2.5 years, but I didn't realize until recently. 

Here's a nice article about it from the Charlotte Business Journal:
ESPN's college try in Charlotte.

a sample:
ESPNU is part of a $20 million Ballantyne hub for ESPN known as ESPN Regional Television. In addition to housing the college sports network, the Charlotte operation is home to production and syndication for 1,000 sporting events each year, as well as an arm that owns and operates football bowl games and basketball tournaments across the country. 

Here's another article about the cooperation going on right now between the ACC and ESPN3...

ESPN3 Partners With Schools To Raise Streaming Quality of College Sports

a few quotes:
Even a powerhouse like ESPN, which has three 24/7 linear networks — ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU — at its disposal... struggles to find airtime for games it has purchased under rights agreements with various conferences.

However, the Worldwide Leader thinks it may have the answer.

ESPN3 is undergoing an evolution. 
. . .
This year, ESPN decided to break apart the previously married pair of ESPN3 and WatchESPN. The latter will serve as the digital destination of content airing on ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPNU. That opens the door for ESPN3 to become a digital portal of exclusive live events, and the company plans to make college sports a cornerstone of that mission.

To program the digital platform, ESPN has begun striking content deals with ACC schools for some basketball and third-tier broadcast rights. To date*, North Carolina, Clemson, Florida State, and Georgia Tech are on board, with a source at ESPN saying that more announcements are on the way.
*This article was published last month, on 11/16/2012

There are some rumors that ESPN and the ACC are discussing the possibility of ESPN/ACC, on the same tier as ESPN/U.  Just rumors at this point.


ACC Digital Network

ACC on YouTube

UPDATE: The Charlotte offices of ESPN now also serve as the headquarters of the SEC Network.


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